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The Placement Experience: A Recap

Alex Clelland

Springtime is an exciting time of year, and many Durham College students finished the school year by participating in a field placement for their programs. DC Students Inc. interviewed many different students about their field placement experience, and finished with a total of 13 videos. We recapped some of the best parts of each interview completed for The Placement Experience video series:

1. Riot Radio - Tiago De Oliveira

The Placement Experience began by interviewing DC Journalism student Tiago De Oliveira about his placement at Riot Radio. De Oliveira said he enjoyed his placement with Riot Radio, and spent his time on placement putting together an hour-long, weekly newscast, frequently conducting interviews in Downtown Oshawa.

2. Outreach Services - Aleesha Patrick & Shanice McKenzie

Aleesha Patrick and Shanice McKenzie are both Social Service Worker students who experienced a placement at Outreach Services on campus. Helping students with the food bank and setting up meetings for students in crisis. Their favorite part of their placement experience was the chance to meet new students, particularly international students who require assistance adjusting to a new campus environment.

3. CICE - Brooke Prouty, Jahlani Peart & Justin Milner

The Community Integration through Cooperative Education program aids students with intellectual disabilities and gives the opportunity to enhance skills through a variety of courses. Jahlani Peart says he learned from his program that students shouldn’t take any learning opportunity for granted, and his program helped him to develop skills for the real world.

4. TYCO/Johnson Controls - Jaylan Hayles & Geoffrey Olara

We sat down with DCSI’s President Jaylan Hayles and VP External Geoffrey Olara to discuss their own placement experience at TYCO. Hayles and Olara are both Fire & Life Safety Technician students. They spent their placement shadowing coworkers, and Hayles says he loved being able to implement the knowledge gained from his program and have a hands-on experience working with equipment.

5. KX96 - Evan Halbert

Evan Halbert completed his placement at KX96 in Oshawa, and he was excited to do a placement at the #1 country music station in the GTA. He says his biggest piece of advice for students after completing his placement is to keep an open mind about locations and that employers genuinely want to assist students in gaining a hands-on learning experience.

6. DC Students Inc. - Alex Clelland

We sat down with our content producer student, Alex Clelland, a journalism student, to discuss her experience at DCSI. Clelland says her program only touched lightly on producing social media content, but working at DC Students Inc. allowed for her to develop social media branding skills much deeper and she enjoyed being able to demonstrate this skill on placement.

7. Centre for Food - Andrew Campbell & Mahmoud Elmaarawi

Andrew Campbell and Mahmoud Elmaarawi are both Horticulture students at DC’s Whitby campus. They assisted with food distribution at the Centre for Food, and maintained the Greenhouse and fields on campus. Elmaarawi says that his placement was actually a double placement and he enjoyed the extra time growing crops for campus with DC’s #FoodtoFork initiative.

8. Cochrane Moore LLP - Travis King

Travis King, a Law Clerk Advanced student, completed his placement at Cochrane Moore LLP in Whitby. He came into our office to discuss his experience. He says his program helped him to prepare for the intensity of the office. The most important aspect of his placement was coming up with strong facts and arguments to back up each case he would help handle on placement.

9. Distress Centre Durham - Reagan Feher

Reagan Feher is a 911 Emergency and Call Centre Communications student who was on placement at Distress Centre Durham. She told us her favourite part about DCD was having the ability to actually answer phone calls and participate with clients on the phone. She says most placement locations are less hands-on and more based around shadowing employees, but Feher enjoyed the opportunity to make her own calls and gain a strong learning experience in the field.

10. International Student Office - Arpit Gupta

Arpit Gupta is an international student who completed his work-study in the International Office in SSB as an International Student Support Assistant. Gupta used the Hired portal on MyCampus to discover a work-study opportunity on campus. He enjoyed finding a location that fit his needs and financial situation as a student, and having work-study on campus accommodated his program’s needs.

11. FastStart - Lindsay Horner

Lindsay Horner is a Special Events Planning student doing her work-study on campus at FastStart. She chose FastStart due to an interest in entrepreneurship despite not having a business background. She enjoyed the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial networking with Dragon’s Den on campus.

12. Ministry of Finance- Safura Fathima

Safura Fathima is an accounting student who completed her placement at the Ministry of Finance. She says although her placement was based more around completing audits for the company, she loved the chance to explore a different side of accounting and enjoyed the friendly environment of her placement. Fathima recommends students in the program take the three-year option to get the most of out it.

13. Eco-Tec - Jade MacPherson

Our final interviewee was Jade MacPherson, a Human Resources Management student, who completed her field placement at Eco-Tec in Pickering. MacPherson worked underneath Eco-Tec’s generalist Human Resource representative, and was impressed by how one individual was responsible for dozens of employees’ workplace needs. She says she loved the friendly, family-like environment from her placement and always felt welcome in the office. DC Students Inc. would like to thank all the students and faculty who participated in the Placement Experience videos. To view each individual video, they can be found on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Author: Charles Wilson