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DC Arts students showcase work at Whitby Station Gallery

Alex Clelland

Durham College art students celebrated the end of the school year with the 11th annual DC art showcase held at The Station Gallery in Whitby.

Students from the Fine Arts and Design program were given awards for various mediums of art and had the opportunity to speak with art curators from Whitby and Oshawa.

The Station Gallery was formed at its current location in 1970 and is nearing its 50th anniversary. The gallery showcases contemporary Canadian artwork and historical works of all kinds.

Olexander Wlasenko is the art curator at Station Gallery. He says the Durham College art exhibit showcases the varying culture on campus.

“The aim of the DC student exhibition is to showcase the broad range of cultural expression that’s being fostered at Durham College in the Fine Art and Design department,” he says. “It’s an exciting time of year for artists, being springtime and the end of the academic calendar. All mediums are experimented with, including sketches, paintings and sculptures.”

The closing ceremony took place on May 24, and many student artists received awards for their contributions to the gallery.

Cali Maldonado was one of the artists who received an award for her work. She showcased two pieces of her art at the exhibit. Maldonado says she was inspired by her family to become an artist.

“My grandfather was an artist, but he did it more as a hobby, but my aunt has done it professionally as a career,” she says. “I bring her with me to these things because she inspires me and always gives her opinion on my final drafts.”

She says her biggest challenge with art is getting everything just right.

“My artistic progress was fairly easy in the beginning, it was just challenging to get the drawing onto a [larger] canvas. I’m a perfectionist so I spend a lot of time making sure what I paint is exact.”

Chloë Kyron was another award recipient of the night, also showcasing two pieces of art at the gallery. Kyron began her painting by doing a simple sketch, and later transferring it onto a canvas to paint.

“My one piece started out as a sketch with just pencils and pencil crayons, and it was really rough,” she says. “Then I stretched it to the canvas by myself and laid down a base with acrylic paints and finished it with oils to render it properly.

Kyron says having her artwork featured in a gallery prepares her as a future artist in a professional setting.

“Having your work displayed in a gallery when you’re a student prepares you for later on in life as an artist when your work will be displayed professionally in galleries later on. It gives you great experience as an art student.”

The Station Gallery will be showcasing student artwork from Durham College until Sunday, May 27. Although the parking lot will be close due to the Food Truck Frenzy event, the gallery itself will be open all weekend.

The Station Gallery is located at 1450 Henry St. in Whitby. Entry is free to the public.


Author: Charles Wilson