DC Spring Convocation: Things to Know – DC Students Inc.

Alex Clelland

Graduation is an exciting accomplishment, and a first for many students.

Durham College’s Spring Convocation is around the corner and anyone who’s planning on graduating will have already applied to do so on DC’s MyCampus Portal.

So, what should students expect? What should students bring? Can students invite their whole family? Is seating limited?

Convocation is a formal event, and graduates are expected to dress formally.

The dates and times are specific to programs and schools of study. All ceremonies will take place sometime during June 11 to June 13. Information on each convocation can be found on DC’s website.

After checking the specific time of the ceremony, students need to arrive at the Tribute Communities Centre (99 Athol St. E, Oshawa) one hour before Convocation is expected to begin.

Upon arrival, graduates will sign in (with required Photo I.D.) and graduation caps and gowns will be provided for no charge. Any valuables should be left with student’s guests while changing in the gowning area.

Family and other guests will be directed to the public seating area while graduates are directed to the gowning area, and then to designated seats. There is no limit on the number of guests students may bring.

Convocation lasts for around 90 minutes, and graduates will be reunited with their guests after the ceremony is completed. Credentials (diplomas/certificates) will be received following the ceremony (with required Photo I.D.)

The Tribute Community Centre is an accessible building and will accommodate guests with any specific needs. It is recommended that these accommodations be arranged ahead of time by calling Enrollment Services at 905 – 721 – 2000 ext. 2665.

Students unable to attend convocation will have their diploma or certificate mailed to them, instead of receiving it in person. Check MyCampus to see if mailing addresses are up to date.

Anyone who has not applied to graduate (or has not been approved) will not receive an invitation to Spring Convocation, and will not receive a diploma or certificate.

There will be “Durham College Class of 2018” T-shirts available for purchase before or after each ceremony at the TCC, and students can use the #DCGrad2018 to share their grad experience! Congratulations, DC Graduates!


Author: Charles Wilson