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DC Students Inc. appreciates student moms on campus

Students on college campuses are busy enough during a hectic semester filled with assignments, exams, and meeting deadlines. Adding motherhood in to the mix is an even greater challenge, and can become overwhelming for many.

Durham College Students Inc. spoke with a few student moms on campus about balancing motherhood with student life, and the importance of celebrating Mother’s Day every year.

Lindsay Trudell is a 911 Emergency and Call Centre Communications student at Durham College, a customer service representative at DC Students Inc., and a mom to a five-year-old son. She says Mother’s Day is all about quality time with family.

“I work two part-time jobs and my son is involved in any activity I can get him in because he’s extremely active,” Trudell says. “So being a student involves making sure I get to spend enough time with him. It’s not so much about the quantity of time but quality of time we spend together.”

Beyond spending time with her son, Trudell also spends time with her husband and her own mother with a Mother’s Day family dinner.

Tanya Marshall is another 911 Emergency and Call Centre Communications student at DC, and also volunteers at Riot Radio. She says her first year of college was challenging and time management was a struggle.

“Balancing home life and school life is really tricky. As you go along, you figure out what works. I just completed my first year at Durham College, and it wasn’t easy but I survived,” she says.

However, Marshall says Mother’s Day is important and makes moms feel extra special.

“Every day is Mother’s Day to me, but to have that day where we’re recognized, it makes you feel special,” she says. “It’s a blessing to have children and to have them there to give you things and do things for you.”

Another mom on campus, Callie Corneal, said her Mother’s Day agenda is a little different than more traditional plans.

“I actually love to give back to my kids and get them gifts on Mother’s Day because if it wasn’t for them, then I wouldn’t be a mom,” she says. “It’s kind of opposite of what most people do, but I like to appreciate them on that day, especially now that they’re older and more independent.”

DC Students Inc. would like to wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day, and hope students are able to spend quality time with their families this weekend.


Author: Charles Wilson