Candidates Bio

Candidates Bio

Director for the School of Hospitality and Horticultural Science

Christine Kozminski

Thank you for this opportunity, everyone.  I’m a student of the culinary arts, driven to becoming a chef someday! 

On a more urgent note, today, I humbly request your support to become a member of the Board of Directors and represent my School of Hospitality and Horticultural Science.

The School of Hospitality and Horticultural Science, best seen as the scenic, farm-fresh beauty, the W. Galen Weston Center, has been my favourite place in the world.  I remember those days, during the lockdown, when I would look at my cooking tools and feel sadness.  Thankfully, those days are now in the past and I’m back at school cooking, baking, and feeling like a champ!  I’m sure other students, too, feel encouraged, that today, they are given the opportunity to work on their passions in a safe environment.  Despite all the sharp turns and changes we face during this pandemic, it is comforting to know that we have great leaders and their team of individuals who work hard non-stop, in the background and at the forefront.

We still have lots of work ahead of us; a war story comes to mind that I will share with you.  Imagine you’re a nurse in a raging battle.  You look around you and there are injured soldiers everywhere; it is overwhelming.  What do you do?  You help the closest soldier next to you, then the one after that, and so on.  In life, there are times that we don’t need to think hard: the best action we can take is to do the work.

I encourage you to vote for me, when the time comes.  I will not bombard you with grand promises.  All I have are good intentions that reflect my commitment and respect for all our students, staff, and community. 

Director for the School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship, and Renewable Technology

Alex Harvey

My name is Alex Harvey and I am running for the Director for the School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeships, and Renewable Technology. Before enrolling at Durham college I attended O’Neill C.V.I. in Oshawa. I have always had a passion for leadership and love getting involved at my school. 

 Currnetly, I am taking the Trades Fundamentals program at the Whitby campus. I have lots of experience working in committees and enjoy working with others. I am always available and easy to reach. I will be committed to improving our school to the best of my ability. 

Director for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies

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