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Our Team

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Kathryn Fraser Kathryn Fraser

Director- Media, Art & Design

With an extensive background in the performing arts, Kathryn Fraser is a strong communicator and advocate for the School of Media, Art and Design. Kathryn is motivated, disciplined and passionate. She is currently in her first year at Durham College as a Journalism Mass Media student. Kathryn is attentive and cares about the needs of the students at Durham College. She wants to bring more attention to the importance of the school newspaper, The Chronicle, and to Riot Radio (where she actively volunteers as a host and technician). Kathryn understands the amount of time, energy and patience that students from the School of Media, Art and Design put into their work when creating, collaborating and executing ideas. Kathryn would love to represent the School of MAD because she recognizes the innovation, talent andexcellence within all programs. She wants to make YOUR voices heard because your opinions and ideas matter. She would appreciate your vote as Director for the School of Media, Art and Design. A vote for Kathryn is a call to action.

Colleen Anderson Colleen Anderson

Director- Justice and Emergency Services

My name is Colleen Anderson and I am pursuing my Graduate Certificate in the Mediation – ADR (Conflict Resolution) Program. I am an active student at DC; I belong to the Institute of Student Leadership, I am a DC Crew member and I am also on the Dean’s List. I am a supportive team player who is results driven and trustworthy. I have a high self-efficacy and exceptional rapport building skills. I am an emotionally intelligent extrovert who loves to motivate others and make them laugh. I have a tendency to set attainable goals and overcome challenges. I am a natural born leader! I am running for Director of Justice & Emergency Services in the 2018 DCSI election because I love to volunteer, and give back to my school and the community. My positive energy, critical thinking and wealth of essential life skills will make me an asset to the team of chosen candidates.

Andrew Nunez-Alvarez Andrew Nunez-Alvarez

Director- Centre for Food

I am the Director of the Centre for Food and represent Whitby campus students. I want to help enrich the student experience on campus, build and contribute to DCSI Clubs & Societies, and ensure our student government builds an honest and concrete path for successive governments.

Corrina Collette Corrina Collette

Director- Science and Engineering

I am a first year Electronic Engineering Technology student running for the Director position for the School of Science and Engineering Technology. I believe that listening to what the students want to see form the DCSI is the top priority.

Ferwa Imam Ferwa Imam

Director - Interdisciplinary Studies

I relocated to Canada in 2016 to pursue my career in Paralegal. I aim to make students' lives simpler and less stressful by providing them with an open and honest environment I which everyone can communicate.

Parastoo Sadeghein Parastoo Sadeghein

Director - Community Services and Health

I am currently a student of the Practical Nursing program. I have been a student with Durham College for years, and have had the pleasure of taking multiple programs. I have also worked throughout different places at Durham College.

Matthew Hanes Bryan Jr Matthew Hanes Bryan Jr

Director - Finance

My name is Matthew Hanes Bryan Jr and I am a Commerce bridge student and an aspiring lawyer! I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Director of Finance as a representative of the Business and IT faction, I am humbled to have this position – being a student of Durham/UOIT myself I have gotten a first hand experience of what “student life” means on our campus – I am here to help provide a platform in which students can feel heard and connected, and help build school spirit and ensure students leave here PROUD to be a Lord (or Lordette) in turn increasing alum participation and overall aura of our campuses. My actions on this board will be of the students, for the students, and by a student himself, thank you kindly for allowing me to be apart of your voice.

Donna Judson Donna Judson

Executive Assistant and Health Plan Coordinator

As the Executive Assistant and Health Plan Coordinator, I assist the General Manager and Executive of DCSI with day-to-day activities of the organization. I oversee the Student Insurance Plan for DC students and can assist with answering questions on your coverage, filing claims and following up on any issues. Drop by the office, call or email me if you have a question, I am here to help.

Email: donna.judson@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905 721 2000 ext. 3984

Joshua Reece Joshua Reece

Financial Controller

As the financial controller for DCSI, I support the organization as a financial business partner with financial management, accounting, regulatory and financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, among other related duties, in order to assist in maintaining and running an efficient, effective, compliant student government, as well as deliver value with the services we offer.

Email: joshua.reece@durhamcollege.ca

Lindsay Trudell Lindsay Trudell

Events and Student Services Ambassador

As the Events and Student Services Ambassador for DCSI, I work with our managment team to create and facilitate the student's events, as well as provide students with all the information on the services available to them through DCSI such as the Health and Dental Plan.

Email: lindsay.trudell@dcmail.ca

Dan MacInally Dan MacInally

Riot Radio Station Manager

As the Station Manager, I oversee day-to-day operations at Riot Radio. Riot Radio is an internet based visual radio station and a service of DC Students Inc. We offer unique volunteer opportunities to all full-time Durham College students and a platform for student voices and interests to be heard.

Email: dan.macinally@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905-721-2000 ext 6590

Twitter: @dcsiriotradio

Shawn Scott Shawn Scott

Riot Radio Broadcast Technician

As Riot Radio’s Broadcast Technician, I am responsible for all of the technical equipment, as well as our team of Student Assistant Technicians. I also capture live events throughout Durham College & the community. Feel free to stop by the studio and join the Riot!

Email: shawn.scott@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905-721-2000 ext 6564

Nicole Shillingford-Grell Nicole Shillingford-Grell

Manager, Outreach Services

As the Manager of Outreach, I work with my team members and the students to make every students’ experience a meaningful and memorable one during their time on campus. At Outreach, we are passionate about equity, equality, student’s rights, inclusivity and providing a non-judgmental space for students to drop in. We provide support where needed to elevate some of the external and internal stressors which students may face. We take suggestions from students as this is YOUR Outreach and we are here for YOU!

Email: nicole.shillingford-grell@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905 721 2000 ext. 7617

Shannah Finisterre MSW, RSW Shannah Finisterre MSW, RSW

Social Worker, Outreach Services

As a Social Worker at Outreach Services, I help students with counselling, crisis intervention, and assist students with food insecurity among many other projects. We are here for you, contact us!

Email: shannah.finisterre@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905 721 2000 ext. 2315

Natalija Delibasic RSSW Natalija Delibasic RSSW

Whitby Outreach Services Coordinator

I am honoured to be part of a positive, inclusive space focused on equality, equity and diversity. I help students with counselling and referrals for coming out, women in society, sexual assault survival, abuse, poverty, mental health issues, sexual health, trans issues, dating, healthy relationships, and more, including our Food Bank for those in financial need – we are here for you. Watching students achieve their goals, gives me joy. My door is always open to support, listen and cheer you on!

Email: natalija.delibasic@durhamcollege.ca

Phone: 905 721 2000 ext. 4208

Shanice Mckenzie Shanice Mckenzie

Support Service Worker, Outreach Services

As a Support Service Worker at Outreach Services, I provide counselling to students, perform administration duties, assist with the food bank, facilitate workshops, collaborate with community partners and supervise volunteers.

Email: shanice.mckenzie@dcmail.ca