DCSI REPLAY: Explore & Learn

DCSI REPLAY: Explore & Learn


Introduction to Craft Beer with DC’s CCIB

Ayana Bretherick of the Durham College’s Craft Centre for Innovative Brewing will be sharing everything you need to know about craft beer with us at this informative session! Join us to learn the difference between and IPA and a lager and make your next LCBO trip a breeze! 

DC Field Trips – M.A.D.: Exploring Van Gogh 
Join us for a virtual presentation and discussion of the works of Van Gogh, with Greg Murphy, Dean of Durham College’s School Of Media Art & Design. This session will get you prepared to explore the Van Gogh Exhibit currently on display in Toronto. 

DCSI Field Trips –The Pride Collective: The Stonewall Inn 
Join us for a virtual tour and discussion of the Stonewall Pub, Stonewall Riots and the origin of Pride. We will be exploring the sites digitally through a presentation created by CYARK as part of the Open Heritage project.  

Know Your Rights: Renters Rights w/ Bill Reid 
Learn all about your rights as a tenant. Join Bill Reid for this informative webinar that explores the ins and outs of what your landlord can and cannot do, and your rights as a renter. 
Through this session, we will explore what your landlord can and cannot do, how to terminate a lease, and any other questions you may have

Know Your Rights: Within the Workplace with Bill Reid 

William Reid will be walking us through all we need to know about Employability Standards in Ontario before your holiday job hunt! Beat bad bosses by understanding the laws that protect you as a worker and being able to spot common employment scams.

Introduction to Crystals with The Zen Shop

Join us with the Zen Shop. In this session, we will be walking us through the basics of understanding crystals. Learn all about how crystals can impact your life, how to use crystals to boost your well-being and learn how to utilize crystals in your everyday life.

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Intro to Tarot Reading with The Zen Shop

Join us for this session where professional Tarot Card readers from the Zen Shop will be teaching students the basics of understanding and reading tarot cards. Learn how to tell what the future has in store for you at this unique event

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Intro to Astrology with The Zen Shop

Professional astrologist, from the Zen Shop, will be walking us through the basics of understanding Astrology. Learn all about how astrology plays a role in your life and your relationships in this eye-opening session you won't want to miss.

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