DC Lords of the Gym Workouts

Work up a sweat with virtual workouts provided by our very own DC Lord student-athletes; 

Fernando Saurez, Catcher/First Base/Designated Hitter, Baseball, Fitness & Health Promotion, Whitby Campus

Lords Men's Rugby Team, join the Men's Rugby Team for this quick workout!

DCSI Workouts

Stretch Session

Are you doing homework on your bed? Sitting in your kitchen chair for your lecture? Annie Robitaille, registered massage therapist will be walking us through some stretches to ease any pains caused by your work-from-home workspace!

Socasize Fitness Session 
Get moving from the comfort of your own home with this high-paced and super fun Socasize fitness session. 

Yoga with Adam Duke

WATCH #1 | WATCH #2 | WATCH #3 |

Adam Duke of Duketree Yoga will be guiding us through a 30-minute yoga practice. Through the session, we'll be exploring 15 minutes of relaxing poses and running through a 5-minute meditation exercise. 
This session is great for beginners and professionals alike and will help you to reduce stress and anxiety.
Adam Duke
Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)
Shamanic Sweat Lodge Practitioner (NACTI)

Other Yoga Sessions

Watch #1

Watch #2 - 1 Hour


OutreachTalks– Cooking Challenge w/ Chef Tania Ganassini  
Follow along as Chef Tania Ganassini, Top Chef Canada competitor season 7, is challenged to use 10 simple and inexpensive ingredients to create simple and healthy recipes that you can recreate at home! Learn more about the DCSI Foodbank for Food Insecure Students here.

Eating for Stress

You've heard of Stress-Eating but did you know what you eat could reduce Stress? Nutritionist Slyvia Emmorey will be guiding us through how your diet can affect your stress levels, and techniques to reduce stress through eating the right thing!

Student Eats Session: How to Eat Healthy 

Join us with registered nutritionist Slyvia Emmorey as she walks us through eating healthy from breakfast to late night snacking plus everything in between.

Student Eats Session: Order Smart with Uber

Is Uber Eats or Skip the dishes your best option for dinner? Join us with registered nutritionist Slyvia Emmorey as we discuss ordering smart with Uber. In this session we'll discuss healthy options when ordering in is your only option.