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Candidates Bios

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Natalie Bartley – Chairperson

My name is Natalie Bartley and I am in my first year at Durham College in the School of Business, IT and Management, in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business program. I am running for the position of Executive Chairperson. I believe that I would be a good fit in this role, because in the past 14 years, while attending other colleges and universities, I have served on executive councils for various societies in multiple roles. I have served as secretary, vice-president and president in 3 separate clubs and societies, and am currently sitting as the secretary of the Clarington Concert Band’s Executive Council. I believe that I have a wealth of knowledge to bring to Durham College Students Inc, and I relish the opportunity to show that. I look forward to the opportunity to meeting you, and discussing where you would like Durham to go in the future.

Thank you.

Parastoo Sadeghein – Chairperson

I, Parastoo Sadeghein, intend to run for Executive Chairperson. I want to run for this position to be able to do more and be more for all students, from all backgrounds, cultures, experiences, etc. Most importantly I want to ensure that all campuses have opportunities to participate in events on their own campuses. I hope to help increase student engagement beyond the classroom, but also ensure student voices, suggestions and concerns are being listened to and advocated for both inside and outside the classroom. I want us to celebrate our differences but also our similarities within Durham College and to make YOUR student experience one to remember for the rest of your life. DCSI is about the students, and I want to make sure your opinions are heard!

Jane Dimitriou-Currie - School of Health and Community Services at Durham College

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jane Dimitriou-Currie, and I am currently in my second semester of my first year of the Social Services Worker Program.  Since the beginning of school in September I have worked diligently to excel in my program and that has lead my peers to utilize my life experience and my knowledge in a way that makes them feel comfortable in my presence and appreciate my assistance when asking for it. I appreciate the opportunity to show my peers that I am a team player and will always give every task I undertake 100% of everything I have to offer.  As Director for the School of Health and Community Services, I will absolutely do the same for my peers and faculty through transparent, authentic representation.  Thank you in advance.  Jane Dimitriou-Currie.

Matthew Givans – Director School of Justice and Emergency Services

Hello my name is Matthew Givans and I am running for the position of Director of Justice and Emergency Services.
I am a first year Fire & Life Safety Technician student who previously graduated from the Pre-Service Firefighting program here at Durham.
In my spare time I do Muay Thai and I am learning German.  Alongside school I work part-time at Durham College Oshawa campus as an events promoter for the DCSI Lords Squad.
I am currently the Vice President of my program and a founding member of the Fire & Life Safety Society here at Durham College. Working with other students not only from the Fire & Life Safety program but also the Pre-Service Firefighting program, I helped organize our most successful Fire Prevention week in its history at Durham College.
My passion for Fire & Life Safety comes from my desire to educate others on ways to keep themselves and loved ones safe through prevention.
With my years of volunteer experience and leading teams, I have developed the skills I need to best represent the students in the School of Justice. I look forward to working with and for the students and I am ready to take on any challenges that arise.
I look forward to being on the forefront of uniting the School of Justice here at Durham College, and I would be thankful for your support.

Brad Hoath – Director School of Justice and Emergency Services

Hello DC! My name is Brad Hoath, and I am in the paralegal program. I am a team player and will always do what I can to help others. I care about the students of DC and their voices. I tend to set reachable goals and do my best to overcome any challenges along the way. I am running for Director of Justice and Emergency Services in the 2019 DCSI election because I care about the students and their success. I have years of management experience and believe that I can bring that knowledge to the School of Justice and Emergency Services. If given the opportunity to represent the student body I will ensure to find all the facts before making an informed decision and will always put the student needs first. My ability to analyze information critically, passion, drive, and thoughtfulness makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

Eduardo Akeson – Director School of Science and Engineering Technology

I am Eduardo Akeson a student in the Mechanical Engineering program and I am running for the position of Director for the School of Science and Engineering Technology. I am running for this position simply to make sure that the School of Science and Engineering Technology (S.E.T.) has a voice in the student association, Durham College Students Inc. (DCSI), it is important that my colleague within S.E.T have a voice the same as all the other schools of study here at Durham college. I hope that as a bonus I can help DCSI develop events relevant to student life, and help build an inclusive community.       

Harmanjit Pixie Kaur – Director School Centre for Food

My name is Harmanjit Pixie Kaur, preferably Pixie, I am a new student at Durham College studying Special Events Management. Originally from Brampton, Whitby has helped me learn to create opportunities involving myself more in school activities and enhancing the college experience. The reason I am seeking this position is because of the program that I am currently taking, I have come from York University noticing an extremely active student body with events and overall community and school involvement opportunities for students. I have made minor accomplishments making the initiative to go out and work in the hospitality industry through networking and various types of volunteer work. I have experience in understanding diverse environments and hold great people skills. Believing in teamwork and problem solving I consider myself as enthusiastic, eager to learn and apply whatever I learn and already know to practice perfection, teamwork and creativity.

Keeshon Bonterre – Director School of Business, IT and Management

Hello students and faculty my names Keeshon. I have an understanding in the power of networking with people an also the value in knowledge. I'm here to make an impact at the school to help students get the best guidance and supplication in order for success. I love entrepreneurs and millennials. I believe that everyone should have another source of income. I have gathered business professionals together over the years that I have as mentors. Let's move in the direction to financial freedom and self development. 

Vote for me and an let's go on this journey of success together and make an impact on lives  !